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Trump Wins

I was on CNN’s “New Day” talking about Donald Trump’s amazing victory on Tuesday.

And here’s a very short video where I lay out my strategy for covering a President Trump.


I was on Chris Cilizza’s trivia podcast—and hijinks ensued. Listen below…

Matt Lewis Podcast: Conservative Environmentalism? (Rebroadcast)

Former Rep. Bob Inglis (who now heads the Energy and Enterprise Initiative based at George Mason University) talks about his idea to pair an income tax cut with a tax on carbon. He also discusses his much-discussed friendship with Jim DeMint. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Show: The Confidence Game

Matt and bestselling author Maria Konnikova discuss her new book ‘The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It…Every Time‘ and why Trump is a con artist.

The DNC Convention Begins

After a crazy day of disunity, Democrats managed to pull it together on the first night of their convention. As I noted on CNN’s “New Day,” it seems like we have two dysfunctional “political” families in America. The difference is that Democrats managed to put on a good face and pull it together during prime time.

The most popular speech of the night, of course, came from First Lady Michelle Obama. Although it was a terrific speech, one part did strike me as especially audacious and hypocritical.

Live From Philadelphia

Greetings from Philadelphia, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. I’m here to cover the events, which look to be possibly just as controversial as last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Speaking of which, I wanted to share a couple of videos from last week. This first one is my response to Donald Trump’s RNC “law and order” speech:

Also, after wrongly picking Newt Gingrich to be Donald Trump’s running mate, I correctly predicted Hillary Clinton would tap Tim Kaine for veep. Here’s a video showing part of my rationale for that:

Matt Lewis Show: Getting Paid to Watch Cable News

Daily Caller media reporters Steve Guest and Christian Datoc discuss what it’s like to get paid to watch cable news on TV. We also chat about the Super Bowl and New Hampshire.

More Praise for ‘Too Dumb to Fail’

Greetings from Des Moines, Iowa! Here’s a quick update on the book launch…

Salon has posted an excerpt of Too Dumb to Fail’s chapter on Con$ervative ScamPACs. Check it out!

Also, the Buffalo News has penned a terrific review of Too Dumb to Fail. Here’s a snippet:

Lewis writes with panache when he notes, “Today, the GOP is a traveling circus of empty-headed talking point reciters, rookie politicians who’ve never managed anything in their lives, media clowns like Donald Trump, professionally outraged shout-fest talking heads, and so on.”

This is a run-on sentence so deliciously true that pundits can’t help but run with it.

Read the whole thing here.



The Weekly Standard Reviews ‘Too Dumb to Fail’

The Weekly Standard has penned a terrific review of Too Dumb to Fail. Here’s an excerpt:

I had thought that Matt Lewis’s new book about the conservative Republican future, Too Dumb To Fail, had a title that was accurate but a bit ahead of its time. Then, on the eve of the book’s publication, Sarah Palin endorsed the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, with a rambling “speech” that thoroughly earned a New York Daily News front page headline “I’m With Stupid”. When real life proves your point more than any publicity campaign possibly could, it’s time for concerned conservatives to see what Lewis teaches us.

Read the whole thing here.

Matt Lewis Show: ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ (Rebroadcast)

A few months ago, I talked with my podcast producer Thomas LaDuke about my new book, Too Dumb to Fail. With the book set to publish tomorrow, it seemed like a good time to re-air this episode.

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