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Matt Lewis: Demo Reel

Jim Acosta References My Rick Santorum Column

CNN’s Jim Acosta did a pretty good job of distilling my recent column, explaining Rick Santorum’s controversial comments about President Obama and the abortion issue.

You can watch the video here:

The CPAC Controversy: Big Trouble for the Conservative Movement?

I was on Ben Domenech’s podcast Coffee and Markets today, discussing the “recent controversy over the CPAC gathering among conservatives and whether the 2012 field will mark an end to Fusionism on the right.”

Check it out!

Morning Joe: A Moment For Leadership

A moment for leadership: The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and I weigh in …

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RFK on Political Rhetoric and Leadership

The Week in Blog: The Silver Fox

The race for RNC chair: intrigue, feuds, and more! (13:45)
What does the Daley pick say about Obama and the left? (09:09)
Why Mike Pence may be the perfect conservative candidate (08:00)
Sarah Palin and the victim card (02:46)
Bachmann 2012: publicity stunt or the real thing? (02:31)
How gay rights issues are splitting the conservative movement (12:39)

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