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The Week In Blog: Skeevy in Seattle

Falling journalistic standards, or when bloggers prank call (08:10)
Matt: New media is turning politics into TMZ (10:07)
Rowdy union members in Wisconsin caught on video (04:59)
The role of technology in Middle Eastern protests (03:33)
Bill: Obama puts good policy ahead of grandstanding (04:55)
Matt comes out as a new urbanist (02:55)

The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words

Very excited about my new project with Thomas Nelson — ‘The Quotable Rogue.’

The book is set to be out this summer, but you can follow us on Twitter now!

Talking Libya on Dylan Ratigan

Live from Seattle… it’s Dylan Ratigan’s “Steel on Wheels” tour…

Setting The Conservative Record Straight on Bush-era Spending

Matthew Ladew of the Pepperdine Graphic does a good job of pushing back at the notion that all conservatives were complicit in Bush-era spending.

Here’s a key graph where yours truly is mentioned:

The first step in dismantling this canard is pointing out that conservatives did criticize President Bush’s profligate spending. Of all places, The Washington Post’s archives help to prove this point. [Frank] Rich’s colleague Dana Milbank wrote back in 2003 that when Bush signed the Medicare prescription drug benefit into law (the cost of which now seems like a trivial $2 trillion over 20 years), the reaction from conservative leaders was extreme disapproval. NPR noted, also in 2003, that Bush received punishing blows for his handling of education and farm subsidies. Jonah Goldberg, a prominent conservative figurehead, excoriated Bush’s “spending binges” on Townhall. Matt Lewis, another conservative author, claimed in a 2006 article that Pat Toomey and other principled fiscal conservatives were critical of Bush’s spending habits from day one.

Talking Bill O’Reilly on ‘Reliable Sources’

I was back on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ yesterday.  Here’s part of my discussion with Howard Kurtz about Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday…

Matt Lewis Show: Teressa Strasser

Teressa Strasser talks about her book, ‘Exploiting My Baby.’

Matt Lewis Show: Carlos Eire

Author Carlos Eire talks with Matt Lewis about his book, ‘Waiting to Die in Miami,’

Matt Lewis Show: Elizabeth Cook

Musician Elizabeth Cook talks with Matt Lewis about her album, ‘Welder.’

Matt Lewis Show: Steven Weisman

Steven Weisman talks with Matt Lewis about Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Matt Lewis Show: Tom Rosenstiel

Tom Rosenstiel discusses his book, ‘Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload.’

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