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Matt Lewis Show: James Hannam

Historian James Hannam is on the podcast to discuss his new book, “The Genesis of Science: How The Christian Middle Ages Launched The Scientific Revolution.”

Matt Lewis Show: Joshua Foer

Memory champion Joshua Foer talks about his new book, “Moonwalking with Einstein.”

Matt Lewis Show: Joseph S. Nye, Jr

Joseph S. Nye, Jr. talks about “The Future of Power.”

Is Tim Pawlenty Destined for the 2012 GOP Nomination?

I joined Brad Jackson of Coffee and Markets to discuss Obama’s Libya speech, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich and more.

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On The Ed Morrissey Show

I was on The Ed Morrissey Show yesterday.  We talked about Libya, Newt, T-Paw and more!  (I come in at about the 30 minute mark.)  Check it out here:

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The Week in Blog: Supporting Nuance

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Talking Libya and Bradley Manning on Dylan Ratigan

This is from Monday afternoon.

Favorite line?  “I share your position but not your passion…”

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My New Daily Caller Blog

Check out my new Daily Caller blog!

The Week in Blog: Living the Dream

Matt: James O’Keefe is not a journalist (07:38)
A Jon Stewart for the right? (06:03)
Bill and Matt agree: NPR wussed out (06:24)
Before Arianna’s takeover, AOL lays off journalists (07:08)
Andrew Sullivan and the blogger as brand (12:11)
Twitter launches conservative stars (02:04)

Matt Lews Show: Aaron Blake

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake is back on the podcast to discuss the 2012 GOP field, and more!

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