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Matt Lewis Show: Dick Armey

Dick Armey talks about Newt Gingrich and more!

Matt Lewis Show: Jamie Weinstein and Roger Williams

Jamie Weinstein talks Israel and then Roger Williams discusses his campaign for U.S. Senate in Texas.

Matt Lewis Show: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough joins us to discuss his new book, “No He Can’t: How Barack Obama¬† Is Dismantling Hope And Change.”

Matt Lewis Show: Janny Scott

Janny Scott talks about her book: “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.”

Talking Michele Bachmann and Levin on WMAL

Good stuff…

YouTube Preview Image

Mark Levin objects

It’s apparently off limits and “outrageous” to bring up Michele Bachmann’s record. Who knew?

YouTube Preview Image

Rush Limbaugh hits yours truly

He didn’t like my column on Michele Bachmann

Video here:

The Quotable Rogue mentioned on ‘Morning Joe’

This was cool…

Talking ‘RomneyCare’ on Morning Joe

I was non “MoJoe” this am. Vid here:

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Matt Lewis Show: Herman Cain

Herman Cain talks about his life, business experience, and political campaign.

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