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Matt Lewis Show: Jimmy Williams

MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams talks about his journey from the Bush-Quayle ’92 campaign — to working for Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin — and more!

Nothing like a Sunday blog attack…

Matt Lewis Show: Steven Goldman

Steven Goldman talks about “Baseball Prospectus: Extra Innings.”

Matt Lewis Show: Victor Claar

Dr. Victor V. Claar on envy and economics.

Matt Lewis Show: Emily Miller

Emily Miller of the Washington Times talks about being a gun owner in Washington, DC.

Biden Blasts ‘Romney Rule’

Talking about the “Romney Rule” on C-NBC’s “The Kudlow Report”:

Matt Lewis Show: Susan Cain

Susan Cain talks about her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts.”

Matt Lewis Show: Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker joins us to talk about the recall effort against him in Wisconsin. And Wisconsin native and conservative blogger Sean Hackbarth gives us his take on the state of the recall election.

Matt Lewis Show: A.N. Wilson

A.N. Wilson talks about his short biography on Adolph Hitler, simply titled, “Hitler.”

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