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Matt Lewis Show: David Pietrusza

David Pietrusza returns to the podcast to talk about the art of writing history.

Matt Lewis Show: Bill Scher

Bill Scher and I talk about Chris Matthews rant on “Morning Joe,” and lament the loss of civility in political debate.

The Fix’s Google Hangout

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Yesterday, I was part of a Google Hangout with Washington Post reporters Chris Cillizza, Nia-Malika Henderson and Amy Gardner.

Matt Lewis Show: Alex Pappas and Jamie Weinstein

The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas and Jamie Weinstein join me to talk about the RNC Convention, Todd Akin, and the David Schweikert vs. Ben Quayle primary showdown in Arizona.

Matt Lewis Show: David Limbaugh (replay)

David Limbaugh joins us to talk about his book, “The Great Destroyer.” (This is a rerun of a classic episode.)

Matt Lewis Show: Marco Rubio (replay)

Sen. Marco Rubio discusses his memoir, “An American Son.” (This is a rerun of a classic episode taped earlier this year.)

Matt Lewis Show: Jon Decker

Jon Decker of SiriusXM’s POTUS joins us to talk about vice presidential picks.

Matt Lewis Show: Christian Heinze

Christian Heinze of The Hill’s “GOP 12″ blog chats about blogging and politics.

Matt Lewis Show: Chris Cillizza

Chris Cillizza on “The Gospel According to the Fix.”

Matt Lewis Show: Thomas S. Kidd

Thomas S. Kidd on his books “God of Liberty” and “Patrick Henry.”

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