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Matt Lewis Show: Barry Hankins

Barry Hankins on ‘Francis Schaeffer and The Shaping of Evangelical America.’

Matt Lewis Show: Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher on his new book, “The Little Way of Ruthie Leming.”

Matt Lewis Show: Mickey Kaus

Mickey Kaus talks blogging — and about his mission to stop amnesty.

Matt Lewis Show: Gay Patriot

Bruce Carroll, aka “Gay Patriot” on coming out as a gay conservative.

Matt Lewis Show: Vikrant Reddy

Vikrant Reddy, a policy analyst for Right on Crime, joins us to discuss Rand Paul’s opposition to mandatory minimum sentences.

Matt Lewis Show: Jon Ward

Jon Ward, senior political reporter for the Huffington Post, discusses faith, family…and baseball.

Obama’s ‘Best-Looking’ Flap

I was on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ today, talking about Obama’s ‘Best-Looking’ flap. Here’s a clip.

I also got to meet music and television critic Ken Tucker.

Matt Lewis Show: Bill Scher

Bill Scher and I discuss Obama’s basketball prowess — and why Bill why thinks I should wear glasses when I go on TV.

Matt Lewis Show: Alexis Levinson

Alexis Levinson of The Daily Caller on learning how to kick someone’s ass the next time they try to mug her. We also talk about her amazingly successful parents, and what it’s like being a female reporter. 

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