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Matt Lewis Show: Pop culture and Faith

John Mark Reynolds, provost of Houston Baptist University joins us to talk about pop culture and faith.

Matt Lewis Show: How 20th Century Law is Undermining 21st Century Medicine

Peter W. Huber on ‘The Cure In The Code: How 20th Century Law is Undermining 21st Century Medicine.’

Matt Lewis Show: JFK’s death and legacy

Historian and author David Pietrusza discusses the death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.

Matt Lewis Show: The strange life of Florence Harding

David Pietrusza on the strange life of First Lady Florence Harding.

Matt Lewis Show: Einstein, Hitler — and the cult of genius

Darrin M. McMahon talks about ‘Divine Fury: A History of Genius.’

Matt Lewis Show: The Frackers

Gregory Zuckerman talks with us about ‘The Frackers:¬†The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters.’

Matt Lewis Show: Thomas LaDuke

Thomas LaDuke on his work as Executive Director of FTR RADIO (and producer of Matt Lewis & The News.)

Matt Lewis Show: Did LBJ kill Kennedy?

Roger Stone discusses his new book, ‘The Man Who Killed Kennedy.’

Matt Lewis Show: ‘Uber Wars’

William Beutler talks about the new documentary he co-produced, “Uber Wars.”

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