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Matt Lewis Show: Irreplaceable

“What is Family?” The new film, Irreplaceable, seeks to answer that question — and the film’s co-writer, Glenn T. Stanton, recently joined us to discuss how “strong families make the world a better place.”

Matt Lewis Show: Is Karl Marx back?

Who is Thomas Piketty–and why is his new book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” generating so much buzz? Manhattan Institute Scholar Scott Winship helps break it down for us.

Matt Lewis Show: Is ‘Breaking Bad’ bad for society?

Will Rahn and Matt discuss whether or not shows like ‘Breaking Bad,’ The Sopranos,’ and ‘Mad Men’ have a net positive (or negative) influence on our culture. Matt expresses disappointment in season 5 of ‘Breaking Bad,’ and Will attempts to talk him down. *SPOILER ALERT*

Matt Lewis Show: Susana Martinez and sexism

Lara M. Brown talks about her recent US News & World Report column, titled: “The Sexist Sidelining of Susana Martinez.” (Dr. Brown is an associate professor and the program director of the Political Management Program in the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University.)

Matt Lewis Show: Reporter by day, standup comic by night…

Elahe Izadi, standup comic and National Journal reporter, talks about her journey from rural Western Maryland to the Washington, DC comedy scene — and what it’s like to balance journalism with comedy. (We also discover she and I went to the same high school, and that I used to go to her parent’s restaurant…)

Matt Lewis Show: Jesus is better than you imagined

An intimate discussion with faith and religion columnist Jonathan Merritt — on his new book, ‘Jesus is Better Than You Imagined.”

Matt Lewis Show: The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead

Charles Murray shares work and life lessons from his new book, ‘The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead.’

Matt Lewis Show: Hawks and doves

Daily Caller opinion editor Jordan Bloom helps us breakdown the disparate wings of conservatism.

Matt Lewis Show: Religious liberty in peril?

Focus on the Family’s Tim Goeglein talks about religious liberty, the HHS mandate, the pro-life cause, and the fight over marriage.

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