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Matt Lewis Show: Pat Buchanan on Nixon

Pat Buchanan on his new book, ‘The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.’

Matt Lewis Show: Ed Morrissey Unplugged

A while back, Ed Morrissey entered a Jesuit retreat center, where he unplugged his smart phone — and shut up for three days. During a recent discussion, Ed discusses why we’re becoming addicted to our phones, the need for rest, and what he learned on his media diet.

Matt Lewis Show: Pimping Ain’t Easy

The Washington Free Beacon’s CJ Ciaramella talks about feature writing and long-form journalism — including his classic profile piece, Pimping Ain’t Easyabout an ex-pimp, turned homeless newspaper vendor.

Matt Lewis Show: The Long Snapper

Brian Kinchen, subject of the book, The Long Snapper: A Second Chance, a Super Bowl, a Lesson for Life, talks about going from being a seventh-grade Bible teacher to playing in the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots.

Matt Lewis Show: New Urbanism & conservatism

Tea Party conservative Kerry S. Decker and “Coolidge Republican” Sid Burgess on why conservatives should embrace New Urbanism.

Matt Lewis Show: Religious Liberty

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on Hobby Lobby, Dr. Russell D. Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, joins us to discuss religious liberty.

Matt Lewis Show: Journalism vs. activism

Betsy Woodruff, a politics writer at the Washington Examiner, talks about transitioning from a homeschool background to journalism. She also discusses the difference between ideological journalism and partisan activism — and her recent reporting on the Florida gubernatorial race.

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