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Matt Lewis: The Last Empire (Rebroadcast)

Serhii Plokhy talks with Matt about the final days of the Soviet Union.

Matt Lewis Show: The Long Snapper (Rebroadcast)

Brian Kinchen talks with Matt about how he went from being out of football to helping win a Super Bowl for the New England Patriots.

Matt Lewis Show: Pat Buchanan (Rebroadcast)

Matt talks with Pat Buchanan about his days working for Richard Nixon.

Matt Lewis Show: HotAir’s Jazz Shaw

Jazz Shaw talks bout how he got started blogging for HotAir — and how his writing method for producing lots of quality content.

Matt Lewis Show: Lena Dunham, Rape, and ‘Barry’

Breitbart’s John Nolte discusses his trip to Oberlin College and his reportingĀ on the allegations of rape in Lena Dunham’s memoir “Not That Kind of Girl.”

Matt Lewis Show: Writing Fiction

David Pietrusza talks about his new novel, “Dance Hall: A Novel of Sing Sing.” We also discuss problems with narrative journalism and narrative history, and the importance of December 7, 1941.

Matt Lewis Show: Surviving as a Political Columnist

Historian and Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley chats with Matt about anti-intellectualism on the right, the CIA torture report, and surviving as a political columnist.

Matt Lewis Show: ‘The Reagan Enigma’

Thomas C. Reed talks about ‘The Reagan Enigma.’

Matt Lewis Show: The Seven Deadly Virtues

Jonathan V. Last joins us to talk about his new book “The Seven Deadly Virtues.”

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