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More Praise for ‘Too Dumb to Fail’

Greetings from Des Moines, Iowa! Here’s a quick update on the book launch…

Salon has posted an excerpt of Too Dumb to Fail’s chapter on Con$ervative ScamPACs. Check it out!

Also, the Buffalo News has penned a terrific review of Too Dumb to Fail. Here’s a snippet:

Lewis writes with panache when he notes, “Today, the GOP is a traveling circus of empty-headed talking point reciters, rookie politicians who’ve never managed anything in their lives, media clowns like Donald Trump, professionally outraged shout-fest talking heads, and so on.”

This is a run-on sentence so deliciously true that pundits can’t help but run with it.

Read the whole thing here.



Newt Gingrich Likes ‘Too Dumb To Fail’

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was gracious enough to tweet an endorsement of Too Dumb to Fail.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker!

Matt Lewis Show: The Silencing (Rebroadcast)

Kirsten Powers talks about her book on political correctness and free speech. (Rebroadcast.)

Had a great and substantive discussion about ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ on CNN’s New Day today.

The Weekly Standard Reviews ‘Too Dumb to Fail’

The Weekly Standard has penned a terrific review of Too Dumb to Fail. Here’s an excerpt:

I had thought that Matt Lewis’s new book about the conservative Republican future, Too Dumb To Fail, had a title that was accurate but a bit ahead of its time. Then, on the eve of the book’s publication, Sarah Palin endorsed the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, with a rambling “speech” that thoroughly earned a New York Daily News front page headline “I’m With Stupid”. When real life proves your point more than any publicity campaign possibly could, it’s time for concerned conservatives to see what Lewis teaches us.

Read the whole thing here.

Matt Lewis Show: ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ (Rebroadcast)

A few months ago, I talked with my podcast producer Thomas LaDuke about my new book, Too Dumb to Fail. With the book set to publish tomorrow, it seemed like a good time to re-air this episode.

‘Too Dumb to Fail’ News & Events

Here are 5 really cool things that are happening:

1. We are featured in this coming week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review! It’s not a glowing endorsement, but this shows this book is poised to make a splash.

2. I actually spent time in the recording studio and voiced the audiobook. You can listen to an audio excerpt here:

3. I’ll be speaking about the book at the Leadership Institute’s Wednesday Wake-Up Breakfast on Feb. 3. The cost if just $5 if you register before Feb. 1.

4. Also, see the invitation below for our Daily Caller Book Party on Feb. 12 (click the image to RSVP)!

5. Please pre-order ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ today–& please tweet the link.

Matt Lewis Show: Book Update

My new book “Too Dumb to Fail” is set to launch on Tuesday, and I wanted to give you an update on media appearances, speeches, and book parties.

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