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Paul Cézanne Comes to Washington

Mary Morton of the National Gallery of Art talks about the forthcoming exhibition of Paul Cézanne’s portraits, March 25 through July 1, 2018. (And no, the special intro music on this episode was not performed by my old band.)

Movie Nights with the Reagans

Mark Weinberg, former special advisor and press secretary to President Ronald Reagan, talks  about his new book “Movie Nights With The Reagans.” Mark and Matt discuss the ’80s movies that he watched with Ronald and Nancy Reagan (including “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “On Golden Pond,” Rocky IV,” “Top Gun,” and more!), plus some of the old films the Reagans starred in.

Jon Ward on Billy Graham and Eric Metaxas

Yahoo’s Jon Ward discusses why there will never be another Billy Graham–plus his recent profile of Christian author Eric Metaxas.

CPAC (Day Two)

RightWingNews’ John Hawkins returns to the podcast to discuss day two of CPAC. John and Matt discuss the less enthusiastic vibe this year, as well as speeches by President Donald Trump, Dana Loesch, Ben Shapiro, Laura Ingraham, and more!

CPAC 2018 (Day One)

John Hawkins of RightWingNews talks with Matt about the controversies, speeches, and vibe of the fist day of CPAC.

Rock Gets Religion: The Battle for the Soul of the Devil’s Music

Mark Joseph discusses his new book “Rock Gets Religion: The Battle for the Soul of the Devil’s Music.”

Politico’s Daniel Lippman on Sexual Harassment at Cato

Politico’s Daniel Lippman talks with Matt about how former Cato employees are discussing years of sexual harassment. Lippman also shares advice for aspiring journalists–and discusses his job co-writing the Politico Playbook morning email.

Matt’s Left Coast Adventure

Matt returns from Las Angeles to discuss his appearance on The Adam Carolla Show. (Warning: There’s some salty language in a clip shared on this episode.)

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

What happened at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and why are we still talking about it today? Historian and author David Pietrusza breaks it down for us.

‘First Bite: How We Learn to Eat’ (Rebroadcast)

Author Bee Wilson discusses her book First Bite: How We Learn to Eat. (Rebroadcast.)

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