Join my book club, and read Ross Douthat’s ‘Bad Religion’ with me

We’re very happy to welcome Copia as a sponsor of  the Matt Lewis & The News podcast!

If you’re not familiar with Copia, it’s basically an eReader — and a social network — combined.  Think of this as a book club that allows us to read books together — and electronically share our thoughts and insights, literally in the margins.

Our first book will be “Bad Religion,” by New York Times columnist Ross Douthat. Here’s how you can join the book club — and read along with me (and see my notes on the book.)

1. Sign up for a Copia account (free).

2. Go to the Matt Lewis Book Club page.

3. Once you download the book, you can read and take notes by downloading the Copia app here.

“Bad Religion” author will come on the podcast in a few weeks to discuss our comments and questions. And I will also be doing a “live chat” to discuss.

We will be reading several books in the New Year, so let me know what books you want to tackle after “Bad Religion.”


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