Matt Lewis Podcast: My Daily Shutdown Routine

Baylor Professor Thomas S. Kidd talks about his daily shutdown routine, the importance of “deep work,” and why rest matters for creative people. Sign up for the Thomas S. Kidd newsletter here.

Matt Lewis Show: Jeff Sessions-Gate?

Josh Finestone returns to talk about the controversy swirling around Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s big speech, and the Congressional calendar.

Matt Lewis Show: Milo, CPAC, & Brietbart

Mediate columnist John Ziegler joins Matt to discuss CPAC’s decision to disinvite Milo Yiannopoulos from their conference.

Matt Lewis Show: Sex Scandal

Ashley McGuire talks about her new book “Sex Scandal.” Then, Josh Finestone briefs us on the week in politics.

Matt Lewis Show: What Steve Bannon Reads

Politico’s Eliana Johnson discusses “What Steve Bannon Wants You to Read.”

Matt Lewis Podcast: Not every Trump outrage is outrageous

Tom Nichols, professor at the Naval War College and the Harvard Extension School and the author of “The Death of Expertise,” discusses his latest Washington Post column, “Chill, America. Not ever Trump outrage is outrageous.” Then, Josh Finestone gives us our political briefing of the week.

The Daily Beast’s Matt K. Lewis on CNN

Matt K. Lewis of the Daily Beast on CNN

Matt K. Lewis on CNN

Matt Lewis Show: Gorsuch v. Hardiman

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network talks about Trump’s Supreme Court pick–and Josh Finestone gives us a political update.

Matt Lewis Show: Ed Whelan on Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

Edward Whelan discusses President Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court pick.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Reed Galen On ‘The American Singularity’

Reed Galen talks about his new book “The American Singularity: A Guided Tour Through Campaign 2016.”

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