Matt Lewis Show: Tucker Carlson on Brexit

Tucker Carlson talks Brexit and Donald Trump. Later, Jeff Isquith, founder and CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems, swings by.

Matt Lewis Show: Alyssa Rosenberg (Rebroadcast)

The Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg and Matt had a frank discussion about race and gender issues. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Show: What History Says About 2016

Historian and author David Pietrusza and Matt discuss historical parallels to the election of 2016.

Matt Lewis Show: Daddy Virtues (Rebroadcast)

For Fathers Day, I wanted to revisit this conversation with Jonathan V. Last about fatherhood.

Matt Lewis Show: The #NeverTrump Debate

Should conservatives suck it up and back Donald Trump? Kurt Schlichter and Rob Neppell debate.

Matt Lewis Show: Mitch McConnell

American Enterprise Institute

Matt K. Lewis interviews Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talks with Matt Lewis about his new memoir “The Long Game.” This event took place on June 7 at the American Enterprise Institute.

Matt Lewis Show: ’90s Nostalgia Sweeps Nation

From Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster to O.J. Simpson, ’90s nostalgia is hot. Jim Eltringham and Alex Pappas join Matt to discuss why the decade is relevant again. They also talk about Wayne’s World, Point Break, Blues Traveler, and more!

Matt Lewis Show: The Fractured Republic

Yuval Levin talks about his new book ‘The Fractured Republic.’

Matt Lewis Show: Jonathan Capehart (Rebroadcast)

Jonathan Capehart of theĀ Washington Post shares the story of how he landed his first internship at NBC’s “Today” show. (Rebroadcast.)

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