Matt Lewis Show: ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ (Rebroadcast)

A few months ago, I talked with my podcast producer Thomas LaDuke about my new book, Too Dumb to Fail. With the book set to publish tomorrow, it seemed like a good time to re-air this episode.

‘Too Dumb to Fail’ News & Events

Here are 5 really cool things that are happening:

1. We are featured in this coming week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review! It’s not a glowing endorsement, but this shows this book is poised to make a splash.

2. I actually spent time in the recording studio and voiced the audiobook. You can listen to an audio excerpt here:

3. I’ll be speaking about the book at the Leadership Institute’s Wednesday Wake-Up Breakfast on Feb. 3. The cost if just $5 if you register before Feb. 1.

4. Also, see the invitation below for our Daily Caller Book Party on Feb. 12 (click the image to RSVP)!

5. Please pre-order ‘Too Dumb to Fail’ today–& please tweet the link.

Matt Lewis Show: Book Update

My new book “Too Dumb to Fail” is set to launch on Tuesday, and I wanted to give you an update on media appearances, speeches, and book parties.

Matt Lewis Show: Trump, Cruz, and…Palin?

The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein on rumors Sarah Palin will endorse Donald Trump.

‘Too Dumb to Fail’ Lands New York Times Sunday Book Review

Exciting news: My new book “Too Dumb to Fail” is featured in this week’s New York Times Sunday Book Review. Here’s an excerpt:

“Why the Right Went Wrong” and “Too Dumb to Fail” are both attempts to make sense of all this. On the face of it E. J. Dionne Jr. and Matt K. Lewis could hardly be more different. Dionne is a much-­garlanded member of the liberal establishment — a fellow of the Brookings Institution, a Washington Post columnist and a fixture on big media. Lewis is a product of the conservative counterestablishment as reinvented by the Internet revolution. He writes regularly for The Caller, as well as The Week and The Daily Beast, and records a weekly podcast, “Matt Lewis and the News.” But they both agree that the buffoonery on the right is bad not just for conservatism but for America.

It’s not 100 percent positive (what could you expect?) but it’s a sign this book is making waves. Read the whole thing here.

How to Get Your Signed Copy of Too Dumb to Fail

Several folks have asked how to obtain a signed copy of Too Dumb to Fail.

My publisher, Hachette, would be delighted to send an autographed copy to anyone who would like to send their purchased copy to us.

You can mail a purchased copy with a postage paid envelope to Hachette Books, attn. Marketing 4-272, 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

(I’ll be signing copies for this project when I’m in NYC for the book launch on Jan 26.)

Thanks for your interest in my book!!!

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