Matt Lewis Podcast: Blame Obama For Aleppo?

Intelligence expert Michael P. Pregent briefs us on the three military Generals in Trump’s cabinet—and explains how Obama’s desire for an Iranian nuclear deal helped create the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo.

Matt Lewis Show: Rick Wilson On Trump’s Victory

Rick Wilson, prominent GOP media strategist and “Never Trump” leader talks with Matt about the future of the GOP—and America.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Hillbilly Elegy (Rebroadcast)

J.D. Vance talks about his new book Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and a Culture In Crisis. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Show: Kurt Bardella on Bannon & Breitbart

Kurt Bardella joins Matt to talk about his days working for Steve Bannon at

Matt Lewis Podcast: Tucker Carlson on Brexit (Rebroadcast)

Tucker Carlson talks Brexit and Donald Trump. Later, Jeff Isquith, founder and CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems, swings by. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Podcast: Larry Kudlow on JFK, Reagan, and Trump

Lawrence Kudlow joins Matt to talk about his new book ‘JFK And The Reagan Revolution.’ They also discuss Donald Trump’s pro-growth tax plan, and concerns over his protectionist trade policies.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Stephen Bannon (Rebroadcast)

Stephen K. Bannon has been appointed to a senior White House position, so I wanted to revisit our 2011 conversation about his Sarah Palin documentary. (Rebroadcast.)

Matt Lewis Show: My Mom, Trump Voter

I talked to my mom in Pennsylvania about why she voted for Donald Trump.

Matt Lewis Podcast: Post-Election Show

Matt and Thomas LaDuke discuss the 2016 election results. Then, we play a classic interview with early Trump booster Roger Stone.

Matt Lewis’s Election Day Coverage

In the wake of Trump’s victory, I went back to take a look at what I said on Election Day. Turns out, I am pretty proud of my analysis on CNN.

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